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Every responsible car owner knows it’s important to change your vehicle’s oil. But between oil changes, it’s a great idea to periodically check your motor oil.

This is an easy thing to do yourself – at home or on the road. Chances are you already have everything you need in your car! Just follow the steps below for peace of mind on the road.

1 – Locate the dip stick.
Most vehicles have a clearly labeled oil dipstick located near the engine. Check your owner’s manual if you can’t find it by looking under the hood, or stop by our shop and one of our certified technicians will help you through this process.

2 – Wipe it clean.
Use a clean rag or paper towel to wipe the dipstick clean. Be sure to use a lint-free material, as lint left behind on the dipstick could contaminate your oil. Now you have a clean tool to measure your oil.
3 – Insert into the pipe.

The dipstick should slide in easily, but may get stuck if the pipe curves. Don’t force the stick through. The metal often will naturally bend in one direction, so try the other angle. Once you’ve reached the bottom, pull the stick back out.

4 – Look at the level.
The oil will leave a film behind on the dipstick. Take a close look at how much oil is in the engine. Most dipsticks have lines or marks indicating full and low levels of oil. If the oil level is low, bring it into the shop as soon as possible. Low levels of oil indicate a leak, and should be addressed right away.

5 – Check for dirty oil.
The color of the oil doesn’t always tell the full story, so rub a small amount of the oil between your fingers. If it leaves behind a dark smudge or dirt, it’s time for an oil change. Call to set an appointment or drop by our shop anytime.

Clean and working engine oil is critical for keeping your car running safely on the roads. If you’re finding low levels of oil and dirty oil frequently between oil changes, this could indicate a problem. Bring your vehicle into our shop for an inspection – our technicians will check for leaks and other issues that could be affecting your engine oil.

Call us today and our technicians will teach you what you need to know, things to look for, and how to check the oil in your vehicle! 719.632.2167.

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